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12 Jan 2019


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12 Jul 2018

7 Universal Truths

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1. The Law of the Farm
Seeds grow, but not overnight
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest that you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
Robert Louis Stevenson
The only way to get a tree is to start with a seed.
The same is true for any creation.
It starts with a seed.
You may need to start with a lot of seeds to get one seed to grow. But you won’t have the tree unless you plant the seed.
And take care of the seed.
Seeds do not grow overnight. They need nourishment. Cultivation.
And time.
Remember: if you want to achieve, it starts with a seed.

2. Success and Failure
Success dulls the edge. Failure sharpens it.
“In war, it is axiomatic that the victors of the last war fight the new one with the tactics of the old. Having won, the victor is content with what won for him; but the vanquished wants to know why he lost.”
-Robert Leckie
Why is it that some of the most successful people fall and fail?
Why do some of the most downtrodden people rise up above their situations, and achieve more than anyone can imagine?
Success tends to dull the blade that causes us to reach great heights. One success makes it easier to relax and enjoy being the best. More success comes and can dull our ambition.
But success also builds us. It provides comfort and security. Success boosts confidence.
Failure has a way of focusing energy. Certain people fail and it only drives them farther and faster.
How can we avoid success’s dull blade but still obtain its benefits?
Look for the failure in every success. And the success in every failure.
Success dulls the edge. Failure sharpens it.

3. We Are All One
There is a right way to treat people. And a wrong way.
“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
I once had to fire people who worked for me. It was not my choice. I was good friends with all of them.
I hated that I had to fire them. But I had no choice.
Even though I had to do something tough, I decided to do it my way.
I decided to treat these friends with respect and dignity.
Everyone deserves respect and dignity, even when we need to face tough moments.
Each person we run into has thoughts, feelings, and emotions?—?just like us.
I treated my friends with dignity.
And years later, they are now my clients. And we are still friends.

4. The Difference Between Winning and Losing Is Simple
The difference between winning is one point. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I once heard coach Tom Izzo ask an audience what the difference between winning and losing is.
Everyone guessed:
“Good defense”
“Make shots”
He said:
“The difference between a win and a loss is one point.”
That’s it.One point.
One point is the difference.
Not everything works like in sports.
Yet, one thing can be the difference.
You may not need to do everything everyone else is doing. You may not be winning right now.
But know this: you just need to tip the scales so that one point makes a difference.

5. Action Is the Difference
You can think until the sun sets. You still need to move.
“We feel noble intentions should be checked periodically against results.”
- Warren Buffett
No thought has ever changed the world. It is only action that makes a difference.

Reflection is valuable. But you need to act on your reflections.
Our beliefs are important. But do you really believe something if you do not follow through?

6. Focus On What You Can Control
We control efforts, not outcomes.
“As they say in riding school, you have to be able to control yourself before you control the horse.”
-Robert Greene
I can control my own actions.
I cannot control how people will respond.
If you are frustrated about anything, ask yourself: am I frustrated by my own actions or by someone else’s response?
You should only focus on your own actions. And then use those actions to obtain the response you want.

7. Don’t Rely on Discipline
The mind may be willing, but the body is weak
“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.”
-William Blake
Discipline is a great tool.
But it will fail you.
You might get tired, or hungry, or distracted.
We all have great intentions. But few of us act on them all of the time.

The only solution is to use your discipline and will to build systems that will carry you when you are weak.
Business systems
We all will fail at some point. So build your support structures now, when you do have the willpower.

12 Jul 2018

Canada’s HEA, ILA Reach New Labour Contract

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Credit : World Maritime News

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Canada’s Halifax Employers Association and the Council of International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) Locals have ratified a tentative new labour contract.

The collective labour agreement, which was reached on June 15, had previously been ratified by the Board of the HEA at its last meeting held on June 21, 2018.

The deal is for a three-year term running form January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020. The new collective agreement includes a 2.75% per year increase in the base wage rate, an increase in the Pension and Welfare Trust Fund tonnage assessment in each of the three years and extension of the current Mid-West Cargo rebate agreement for the term of the new contract.

In addition, several operational improvements were agreed to, including the implementation of a Port-Wide attendance policy, provisions for continuous truck operations, and greater flexibility with respect to assigning labour, training employees and contracting out certain automotive repairs.

“We are pleased to see continued positive labour relations in the Port of Halifax,” said Karen Oldfield, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority.

“The dedicated, hard-working men and women working in our port community are vital to all port users and help contribute greatly to the overall regional economy.”

12 Jul 2018

Nakilat Sees Higher First-Half Profit

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Credit : World Maritime News

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Qatar-based shipping company Nakilat reported a 9 percent profit increase for the first half of this year.

The company’s net profit stood at QAR 445 million (USD 122.2 million) in H1 2018, compared to QAR 409 million seen in the corresponding period a year earlier.

As explained, the financial results are a reflection of the company’s secured long-term agreements which have enabled Nakilat to maintain a steady cash flow. Nakilat said that its cost optimization strategy and initiatives, as well as periodic repayment of loan principals, have resulted in reduced financing costs and enhanced efficiencies across its operations.

Despite the challenging market conditions in the maritime sector, Nakilat continued to pursue its long-term strategic goals through the expansion of its fleet with two additional LNG carriers earlier this year.

What is more, the company acquired a major stake in its first floating storage regasification unit (FSRU). This is in line with the company’s plan to diversify and grow its business portfolio.

Commenting on the company’s results, Abdullah Al Sulaiti, Nakilat Chief Executive Officer, said: “The diversification of our fleet through the acquisition of our first FSRU paves a new business avenue for Nakilat to expand our outreach to developing and emerging markets, thereby enabling us to sustain our long-term growth and development strategies.”

“While we remain focused on achieving our strategic goals, we are also continually assessing the market and our current investments in relation to profitability to address any risk involved for the company and our shareholders,”

12 Jul 2018

Port of Virginia Delivers 4th Consecutive Year of Growth

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The Port of Virginia handled 2.8 million TEUs during fiscal year 2018 (FY18), a rise of 2.4 percent when compared with last fiscal year, mostly due to an increase in imports.

The port’s fiscal year closed June 30 and in that month the port handled 223,842 TEUs, which was a drop of 3.4 percent when compared with last June.

As in April and May, June’s volumes were off when compared to the same months last year because of an ongoing effort to limit the number of empty containers flowing across the terminals during construction.

“We finished the fiscal year in positive territory – our fourth consecutive fiscal year of growth,” John F. Reinhart, CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority.

Reinhart added that the port was off from its forecast, mostly due to the effort to limit the empty container imports and exports.

“As a result, our total empty container volume was down by more than 76,000 TEUs. What’s important is that our action is having its desired intent, which is to increase efficiency at the terminals and ensure that loaded containers are our priority right now.”

The port is currently in the midst of a USD 700 million capacity expansion at its two primary container terminals, Virginia International Gateway (VIG) and Norfolk International Terminals (NIT).

“Our expansion is on schedule and on budget … And, we have the federal approval to begin the process to widen and deepen the commercial shipping channels serving the Norfolk Harbor,” Reinhart concluded.

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