"Crowley Accord has a team of sincere, hardworking and experienced superintendents." ... Sesa Goa, India

"Our vessels have been managed professionally, efficiently, economically, and with integrity." … Arcadia, India

"Accord has proven their ability to keep promises when it comes to management of vessels economically. We have decided to be associated with Accord for all our shipping activities." … Winco, London

"Accord has changed the way we think about Shipping. Whilst keeping a track of costs, they have achieved a balance that is important for our trade. As a matter of pride we can say that very quickly we have become one of the most important clients of Accord, or maybe they make each client feel the same way." … Mayar, Hong Kong

"We are fully satisfied to have found in Accord a great deal of absolute honesty and collaboration." … Sea Transport, Nigeria

"We are very excited with the prospects that Accord can provide to our Business" … NEPA, Amsterdam

"Accord provides a feeling of exclusivity that the technical - management appears to generate for each vessel including our own." … Goa Maritime Private Limited